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  • Is learning to driving a Class A Coach hard?
    Like anything in life, learning comes with doing. But doing it right the first time in this case is vital. In just a few hours we can start you off in the right direction with personal training designed by women for women.
  • Why share the driving
    Half the fun is getting there. Equally important is getting there safely. Studies on how to manage long drives show you should "Take breaks every 2-3 hours of driving". What better way to get rest than allow your partner to relax in the recliner while you both continue your journey. After a couple hours, you do the same.
  • How many miles a day should I drive my Class A?
    This question is asked all over the internet and around RV resorts. None of the scientific studies talk about miles, they talk about time behind the wheel and getting rest every 2-3 hours. With this in mind Class A Lady suggests you should take breaks and limit your driving to about 8 hours a day if you are the sole driver of your coach. When you share the driving, more than 8 hours can be done without increasing accident risks due to fatigue.
  • Where will my personal training take place?
    Your instructor will come to your location and training will take place in the comfort of your Class A Coach.
  • Can I get a discount on my Class A insurance?
    Upon completion of your training you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Class A Lady. Many insurers will accept this certificate and will discount your insurance rate. It is a good idea to check with your insurance company as Class A Lady does not have a comprehensive list of companies that offer discounts.
  • Do I need a special drivers license such as a CDL (commercial drivers license) to drive my Class A Coach?
    Class A vehicles can weigh anywhere from 13,000 to 35,000 pounds and yet amazingly almost all states do not require any special training or license. To see if your state requires a special license, go to for a complete list. No matter the requirements we can help get you ready for any test or certification.
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